Saturday, September 10, 2011


Ah, LIFE...I'm in the midst of moving my medical care to UCSF, and I have taken a brief break from continuing the ER saga. Between transferring over 32 GB of medical history, medications and test results-- and researching current folklore and folktales for an upcoming podcast gig on"Faery Tales for Grown Ups"-- and finishing Dana's love story (more about this, later...)-- and conducting online promotions for my new dragon romance released September 6th-- time has become my enemy. Temporarily, of course. I leave you with this fabulous exchange between myself, Madame J, a mother and her 6-year-old daughter in Trader Joes:

Daughter: (singing in the shopping cart) It's cold, it's cold, I hope I don't get sick.
I'm sick-- cough, cough!
I'm sick, I hope I don't get cold-- cough! cough!
I'm cold, I'm cold, I hope I don't sneeze-- achew!
I sneezed! I sneezed-- achew, achew, achew!

The daughter shakes her arms and pretends to shiver.

Mom: Oh, please, don't be such a drama queen!
Madame J: (looking at me) That's you as a child. Don't lie, drama queen.
Me: Shut up.

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  1. yup. we've never been in the same room and i feel i could say that about you too. ;) Madame J is wise.